Map: CIA Map of Ghana Today

Ghana today is bordered on the coast by Côte D’Ivoire to the west, and Togo to the east. The population is 22, 931, 299. To the north is Burkina Faso. Off the coast is the Gulf of Guinea.

Accra, the capital city of Ghana, has a population of 1.7 million people. To the west along the coast is Cape Coast, site of a historic slave trading castle of the same name, as well as the nearby Elmina Castle originally built by the Portuguese in 1482. During the Atlantic slave trade, this coastal region was referred to as the Gold Coast.

The principal ethnic groups in Ghana are: Akan 45.3%, Mole-Dagbon 15.2%, Ewe 11.7%, Ga-Dangme 7.3%, Guan 4%, Gurma 3.6%, Grusi 2.6%, Mande-Busanga 1%, other tribes 1.4%, other 7.8%.