In response to the request of His Majesty Togbi Sri III (19 April 2012), Norris Hill & Partner Ltd. has presented plans for the rehabilitation of Fort Prinzenstein; the development of an international Volta Region, Keta-centered tourist programme targeting descendants of African slaves; and the establishment of Freedom University, a progressive academic institution, to be built adjacent to the infamous slave prison and shipping point on land recovered from the sea.

Freedom University will satisfy the needs of scholars and historians to have a slave studies centre situated in Africa – the only one of its kind – providing proximity to the epicenter of this inhuman practice, and opportunities for research of slave routes and markets, dungeons in which they were held; transportation to the Caribbean and more. The Fort Prinzenstein setting provides emotional and physical immediacy for such studies – one impossible to duplicate thousands of miles away.

Academic Excellence and Social Responsibility:

But this is only one aspect of the strategic plan. Freedom University will become Africa’s foremost  slave studies and anti-slavery activist institution, hosting teams of Pioneers who, under the guidance of a distinguished  faculty, will analyse, propose and initiate projects fundamental to the health, welfare, economic stability and future of Keta, the Volta Region and all Africa.

A three week summer course at Keta planned for July 2016, will unite leading international scholars, scientists, economists, architects, healthcare specialists, entrepreneurs and celebrities, to find pragmatic solutions and funds to implement them for problems that are shackles impeding economic development – the key to a secure future for the people of Ghana.