Staying Connected in Ghana

Phone Networks in Ghana

All phone numbers in Ghana start with a leading zero (0). When calling from abroad, use the country code 233, and drop the leading zero.

  • 9 digit numbers = landline
  • 10 digit numbers = cellular

Note: If you bring an unlocked GSM cellular phone, you can obtain a SIM card for local networks (Airtel, Expresso, Globacom, MTN, Tigo and Vodafone) in Ghana. Service is limited outside of major cities and calls are frequently dropped.  Pre-paid credits can be purchased at kiosks. For charging purposes, a working electrical outlet will suffice unless in remote areas (where a solar charger is recommended).

Important Numbers to Note:

  • Police: 191
  • Fire: 192
  • Ambulance: 193

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Computer Usage & Wireless in Ghana

A laptop will work, and there are cellular networks that also provide wi-fi service for various fees.  Service varies based on location and signal difficulties. Internet cafes are all over Ghana if you wish to leave your computer behind.  If you choose to bring it, be sure to take great care in handling it by protecting from dust, humidity and temperature impact.  If a power outage occurs, make sure your computer is unplugged. Otherwise, the surge from the returning power may damage it.

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Electrical Appliances in Ghana

The electrical current is 200/220 volts 50hz. Three prong UK style plugs are standard, but some places use the rounded two prong European style plug, which usually will fit into a 3 prong outlet.  You may need a converter or a step-down transformer. Surge protection is strongly advised.