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Eliminating the Roots of Modern Slavery

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” – Derek Bok

We need, and are grateful for, your support to enable us to better the lives of children, youth and adults in Ghana. Cash donations and grants are the lifeblood of our organization and will enable us to help thousands of victims of modern slavery, and to give heart to others that help is on its way.

Donations, which may include precious metals, jewellery, stocks, bonds, deeds to properties and building, as well as works of art such as paintings, rare books, manuscripts, artifacts, sculptures, bronzes and others, will be appraised by licensed experts and sold, the net proceeds credited 100% to Freedom University for benevolent purposes. Such donations may be offset against taxable income in accordance with Ghana tax law. If in doubt, please contact a qualified tax adviser.

We’ll do our best to acknowledge each donation, and explain how it will be used, where possible, illustrated with photos on our website. A formal acknowledgement of your contribution will be provided for tax purposes. Freedom University’s yearly accounts, which are based on transparency, will be audited and published on our website.

Of course you have the right to specify the manner in which you wish to have your donation used. For example, it could go to the schooling of freed slave children and adults; health and medications for the Bomigo Island community, gender equality projects, clothing and shoes for the poor; the purchase of equipment and materials for a women’s farming cooperative.

If you have problems with the form above, you can still donate by clicking here:

In addition to monetary donations which may be made by credit card or bank transfer, our activities cover a wide range of projects which include, but are not limited to education, healthcare, nutrition, crop farming and much more. Freedom University needs everything from books to PCs, television sets, radios, vehicles, bikes, shoes, clothing (new and used, washed and ironed), classroom furniture and teaching aids, school bags, tools and garden implements, games, comics, CD players, tape recorders, mobile telephones, insect repellents, flashlights and batteries, electrical generators, candles and much more.

What we don’t use directly at Freedom University will be distributed within Keta and Ghana, generally. Almost any serviceable item will be welcome.

There is one important stipulation: The donor is required to deliver or have the items delivered, at his or her expense, either to our storage facility in Keta, or to our warehouse and distribution centre in Ho. If the items you are donating are near Keta or Ho, we will attempt to arrange transportation to bring it to one of our depots.

Only appropriate items should be donated. Forbidden items include: Illegal drugs and weapons or explosives, as well as any item that has been exposed to contamination, in any form. lf you have any questions, please contact us by email and we’ll do our best to respond quickly. About us: Keta Foundation is a non-profit organization formed by the founder/directors of the non-profit Freedom University, Keta, to increase awareness and broaden support for its many projects.

About Freedom University

Freedom University, Keta, Volta Region, Ghana, was founded June 18, 2013, by Fortune Norris Addor and Michael Flannery and Registered as a Non-Profit Organization in accordance with The Registrar General’s Department Companies Act, Section 24 (Act 179) of the Companies Code (1963). March 2015, Gavin P. Smith was appointed Executive Director and Consultant for the University and FCG Pioneer program.

The three of us, Fortune Norris Addor (Ghana), Michael Flannery (France) and Gavin Smith (USA), with the help of other unpaid visionary volunteers, have spent the past several years building organizations and structures to combat modern slavery in its many insidious forms, through attacking its root causes: poverty, ignorance, intolerance and greed. Our projects and programmes offer job creation, education and training, better health, nutrition and housing. We encourage individuals, NGOs, educational and philanthropic institutions, corporations and all others, to join us in our efforts.

Among those who have already done so, are members of the Freedom University Advisory Board, our ‘Dream Team’ of scholars, physicians, artists, businessmen and women, and communicators. Strategic Partners include Ceric Technologies, France; IHE (International Home Export), California; Alvan Blanch U.K.; Inesfly, Spain & Ghana and TikTakTi, Israel.

Please donate what you can to help us make dreams of the enslaved and impoverished children, youth, men and women of Ghana come true