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Freedom University - Keta

Freedom University, Keta, Volta Region, Ghana, was founded June 18, 2013, by Fortune Norris Addor and Michael Flannery and Registered as a Non-Profit Organisation in accordance with The Registrar General’s Department Companies Act, Section 24 (Act 179) of the Companies Code (1963). The directors of Freedom University have engaged Gavin P. Smith as Executive Director and Consultant to the Board.

Leadership Team

Fortune’s apprenticeship took place in Echo Contract Ltd, a leading Ho, Volta Region, road building, residential construction and engineering company, founded by his father, Crossly K. Addor in the 1970s. He earned a B.Sc. in Business Management from the University of Ghana in Accra, followed by Business Studies at MSBM, in London, before joining a French high tech energy company as African Development Manager. Fortune, co-founder of Freedom University Keta, represents Norris Hill & Partner as Managing Director in Africa. 

Fortune Norris Addor - Director

Michael studied languages & economics at the universities of Vienna, Heidelberg & the U.S. Navy Intelligence School. He took part in seminars under Nobel Prize winner, William Faulkner at the University of Virginia and studied under Cyrus Hoy at Vanderbilt University. A graduate of Thunderbird School of Global Management, he has held directorships in international consumer products, design & advertising corporations. His historical work, Golf Through The Ages: 600 Years of Golfing Art, is the standard reference for sporting art & European ball games, 1120 – 1890. He is a Partner in Norris Hill & co-founder of Freedom University, Keta.

Michael Flannery - Director (in memoriam / d. 2016)

Gavin holds a Master of Global Management with distinction from Thunderbird School of Global Management; an MBA from the College of William & Mary Mason School of Business; and a BA in History from Wake Forest. A global professional and consultant with 20 plus years of experience in digital marketing, award-winning broadcasting and journalism, Gavin is Executive Consultant to Freedom University Keta, and, as a Partner, represents NHP interests in the Americas and the Caribbean.

Gavin P. Smith - Special Consultant to the Board

Freedom University - A Compelling Concept


In response to the request of His Majesty Togbi Sri III (19 April 2012), Norris Hill & Partner Ltd. has presented plans for the rehabilitation of Fort Prinzenstein; the development of an international Volta Region, Keta-centered tourist programme targeting descendants of African slaves; and the establishment of Freedom University, a progressive academic institution, to be built adjacent to the infamous slave prison and shipping point on land recovered from the sea.

Freedom University will satisfy the needs of scholars and historians to have a slave studies centre situated in Africa – the only one of its kind – providing proximity to the epicenter of this inhuman practice, and opportunities for research of slave routes and markets, dungeons in which they were held; transportation to the Caribbean and more. The Fort Prinzenstein setting provides emotional and physical immediacy for such studies – one impossible to duplicate thousands of miles away.

Academic Excellence & Social Responsibility

Freedom University will become Africa’s foremost  slave studies and anti-slavery activist institution, hosting teams of Pioneers who, under the guidance of a distinguished  faculty, will analyse, propose and initiate projects fundamental to the health, welfare, economic stability and future of Keta, the Volta Region and all Africa.

A three week summer course at Keta planned for July 2016, will unite leading international scholars, scientists, economists, architects, healthcare specialists, entrepreneurs and celebrities, to find pragmatic solutions and funds to implement them for problems that are shackles impeding economic development – the key to a secure future for the people of Ghana.

Our Mission

The mission of Freedom Campus is focused on housing, health, nutrition, education and the creation of opportunity for Ghana, and all Africans. Because of its unique setting – Freedom Campus is literally adjacent to the former infamous slave shipping port of Fort Prinzenstein – we have a never-ending obligation to remind the world of what happens when human beings are stripped of their dignity and traded as chattel. The practice of slavery continues around the world today, as always, fueled by avarice, poverty and ignorance.

While we have few weapons to combat greed, evil and inhumanity, Freedom Campus will be at the vanguard of the war against the factors that allow slavery to flourish – in Africa and elsewhere: poverty, disease and ignorance. Our primary thrust is to offer an opportunity to earn a decent standard of living and hope for the future to the youth, women and men of Ghana, based on a better utilisation of latent human and physical resources.

Together with our eminent Advisory Board (professors Victor Gadzekpo, Emmanuel Akyeampong, Elysée Soumonni,  Kodzo Gavua and Sandra Green) we have joined the battle to solve the critical problems of insufficient and inadequate housing; insect-borne diseases; a costly, wasteful and unreliable agricultural food chain; and access to finance for infra-structure projects utilising indigenous human and material resources – essential for the future of the country and its people. At the same time, we will shed light on the Slave Coast industry and infrastructure developed to feed the insatiable demand for slave labour in the Caribbean, Europe and South America.

This project, integrated with the restoration of Fort Prinzenstein, will attract tourists, create jobs and generate income through much of the Volta Region. Freedom Campus is destined to become a key international educational hub in an on-going campaign to improve the quality of life in the Volta Region, Ghana and the African Continent.


Situated on nearly 25 acres of prime seafront property awarded to Freedom University (our non-profit parent institution), by Keta Municipal Assembly in perpetuity, Freedom Campus offers new hope, job creation and a boost to the economy of the people of Keta and the Volta Region.

Proximity and a good road system connecting Keta and the capital city of Accra and its international airport (one hour), facilitate travel, communications and logistics.